The Regulatory Funding Company (RFC) is charged with raising a levy on the news media and magazine industries to finance the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). This arrangement ensures secure financial support for IPSO, while IPSO’s complete independence is at the same time guaranteed by a majority of lay members, and is a further sign of the industry's commitment to effective self-regulation.

Board members


Chris Duncan: Chief Executive, Bauer Media UK
(Date of appointment: 8 June 2022)


Jeremy Clifford: Editor in Chief, JPi Media
(Date of re-appointment: 7 May 2020)
Dominic Fitzpatrick: Managing Director, Irish News
(Date of re-appointment: 30 May 2019)
Victoria Hewitt: Director of Operations, The Barnsley Chronicle
(Date of appointment: 7 May 2020)
Andy Williams: Chief Revenue Officer, DC Thomson Publishing
(Date of appointment: 8 June 2022)


Peter Wright - RFC Chair: Editor Emeritus, DMG Media
(Date of appointment: 8 June 2022)
Lord Black of Brentwood: Deputy Chair, Telegraph Media
(Date of re-appointment: 7 May 2020)
Simon Fuller: Chief Financial Officer (Nationals Division), Reach Plc
(Date of appointment: 7 May 2020)
Angus McBride: General Counsel, News UK
(Date of re-appointment: 8 June 2022)